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Who We Are

Our volunteers seek people in need, wherever they live - in their homes, on the street, in shelters, in hospitals or in prison. The activity of the SSVP is always based on the love of neighbours in the local community. Volunteers work in their own area, and respond to local needs. This means that the Society’s work around the world is extremely varied: health, agriculture, education, housing, employment support, help for elderly, disabled, isolated or excluded people, and more. Funded by donations, it also provides emergency assistance and rehabilitation for victims of natural or humanitarian disasters, and finances development projects.

SSVP's Work in Canada includes...

  • home visits

  • friendly visits (sick, elderly, prisoners)

  • food aid (food bank, soup kitchen)

  • material help (clothes, accessories and furniture)

  • educational support (school supplies, scholarships)

  • help to refugees and immigrants;

  • shelters (homeless, single mothers, abused persons);

  • summer camps; 

  • twinning with conferences in Canada or from another country;

  • international and national emergency relief (natural disasters and humanitarian catastrophes)

Our Mission

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is a lay Catholic organization whose mission is: to live the Gospel message by serving Christ in the poor with love, respect, justice and joy.

Our Values:

The Mission of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul implies that as Vincentians we:

  • See Christ in anyone who suffers

  • Come together as a family

  • Have personal contact with the poor

  • Help in all possible ways

Serviens in Spe

"To Serve in Hope"

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is an international lay Catholic organization founded by young University students in Paris, France in 1833.


Frederic Ozanam who was just 20 years old is recognized as the main founder. He was that rare individual of intellectual genius and extraordinary piety. He was a husband, father, professor and researcher, a journalist and an author. Above all else he personified the Good Samaritan in works of charity.


Dr Joseph Painchaud, who was a companion of Frederic, established the Society in Canada in 1846 in Quebec City. The Society was established in Victoria, BC in 1912 and much later, in 1989 in the Okanagan Valley.


The International Confederation still has its offices in Paris France where the first Conference was founded. There are now around one million members who work to serve the needs of the poor in over 147 countries in the world.


The Society is open to all those who wish to live their faith by loving and serving their neighbours in need. Faithful to its founder, the Society constantly strives to renew and adapt itself to the changing conditions of the world.

st vincent de paul

Vincent de Paul by Simon François de Tours, 17th century

St. Charles Garnier

Serves the Lower Mission area south of Raymer Rd & East Kelowna

3645 Benvoulin Road, Kelowna, BC


 Serves the downtown area from Bernard to Raymer Ave, and Okanagan Lake to Benvoulin Rd

 839 Sutherland Ave, Kelowna, BC

St. Pius X

Serves the area from Bernard Ave North to Glenmore

1077 Fuller Ave, Kelowna, BC

Our Lady of Lourdes

Serves the area of West Kelowna, from the bridge to Peachland

2547 Hebert Road, West Kelowna, BC

SVP Rutland

Serves the area of Rutland

780 Rutland Road, Kelowna, BC

St. Ann's

Serves the Penticton area

1298 Main St, Penticton, BC

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